*Musician wanted advert.*

There are currently over 4900 copies Of "Fictitious Optimism" in circulation and if 5 people heard 4000 of those copies this would mean that twenty thousand people have heard a unique and interesting recording and one which has cost me a great deal of time and money.

This is a conservative estimate and there could be over fifty thousand or more who have heard the music in total {from the CD}.

Things have recently changed. I now have a guitar to midi converter {like a guitar synth}.

What this means is that I will, to some great extent be able to perform both keys and guitar.

This is because most of the keys are basic backing lush pads. {Laboriously programed}

The two guitars will be combined, which will open up more room for a drummer and bass player or double bass player.

A keyboard player would still be preferable but I would want them to be the perfect person in every way for this project and be really keen about it.


Drums/Percussion Wanted

What is mostly wanted is a drummer and/or percussionist.

Mostly drummer= It would be wonderful to have a great drummer, and I predict some room will open in the music for a drummer to demonstrate their ability.

I have always given room to the musicians I have worked with in order for them to prove themselves in a live or studio environment.

The songs on "Fictitious Optimism 2005" currently use the Acoustic guitar for the beat which is sometimes in 5/4.

People who barely listen to the recording the first time might be confused about the beat.

However it is there, a laboriously worked out tempo track that changes time signatures and tempo in order for a better vocal delivery and in order to play acoustic guitar and sing at the same time.

I really don't want to attempt the drums with the synth, as I have not yet heard sampled cymbals that sound good to me, although by now they are probably out there somewhere.

All of the cymbals and most of the percussion on the recordings are real.

I would expect a serious drummer to have either a place where they can keep in practice or an electronic kit.

I am currently not in a position to afford rehearsal space.

Please hear the material and make sure you like it, as of this writing some of the CDs can still be picked up on the cheap from ebay and amazon.


* Percussionist*

Please have more than just a set of Congas, plus read above.


With the use of the midi to guitar synth {like a guitar synthesizer}the project will have a full enough sound to get out the door and sound good without additional musicians but a drummer or percussionist is highly desired.


Bass player or double Bass player Wanted.

Although I'll certainly attempt the Bass parts as well as the synth parts on the guitar to midi converter.

It would be much better to have a real bass player or double bass player.

If you are a double bass player, I would certainly wish for you to prefer the use of a bow.

I am not going to dictate this but rather I would want a double bass player applying to already prefer this.

The parts are currently somewhat simple and it is the way it complements the music that makes the Bass parts as beautiful they are

{not to mention the best strings money can buy and a five string Bass {Low B}.

However if you happen to be a Bass God and think this would be a bore, you could pick up the bottom 2 notes of the rhythm guitar

or use a six string Bass and pick up some of the acoustic guitar parts.

{Now we have plenty to do}


Keyboard player wanted

The position is still open for the super keen {perhaps you could pick up the bass notes or acoustic guitar parts?}.

Err very keen indeed.


"Besides the Optimism" will feature more in the lower part of my voice. The lower part of my voice is the higher quality. So some people will ask why have you waited so long? Well if you're a keyboard player, would you want to chop your piano in half and just use the low notes? And if you're a guitar player would you want to cut off the 3 highest strings? So of course there are lyrics and artistic expressions that cannot be transposed into the lower range of my voice. I have always used a good part of my voice which last I tested was over 8 octaves. I don't really want to come down to earth. I would much rather have the music promoted on a big scale and have people visit my planet instead. I'm not going to abandon the high end completely but I'm thinking more like If I'm doing a show where there are people who are not yet Fictitious fans perhaps one middle range song like "Fictitious Optimism" and maybe one half song or so for the high end in a 45 minute set for example.{should be doing 2 hour concerts by now}.

This thinking basically is coming from becoming more in tune to how people seem to be so super critical. That is things like one minute auditions without verb, industry experts not taking the plastic wrap off the CD and when they do that maybe 30 second attention span. I replicated five thousand CDs {Fictitious Optimism 2005} that featured mostly middle and high end singing.

I still consider the high end the more unique part of my voice. But I am actually a baritone and can also sing bass.

2 songs from "The second coming of Fictitious Optimism" available for download.


Sometimes I hear people who refer to themselves as industry professionals that tell me they don't know how to market or promote the material {Fictitious Optimism} Of course I can think a few constructive ways. But recently I'm thinking perhaps this is too much to ask for.

"Besides the Optimism" is the second half of the work I have been doing for awhile now. This will feature a similar song structure but vocals which are a bit lower. Both CDs that I am working on I am adding a more commercial song or two to. The original goal of these CDs were to get record company interest and sponsorship.They were mostly intended for promotion use although I did hope a few more would sell. They were also demonstrate how much better the music could sound with a full band. And it does sound much better than it did when I was just one person with the acoustic guitar. I guess the ideal thing to happen would be to get a Hit from

"The second coming of Fictitious Optimism" and then perform to an audience that is there for Luke Fictitious.

I have also had a little bit of exposure through being featured in movies and adverts. I believe acting is very largely a natural ability. The only problem here I suppose would be people associating you with only one or two characters. For example there is only a little humor in maybe a couple of songs. This might very well prove to be a good way of getting A&R people to take the plastic off the CD.

Some of the songs I have been working on have by this time have become old songs for me and songs I should have been done with by now, but I just had to see what I thought was a good version of them.


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