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 I am NO longer accepting paypal due to thier support of fraudulent companies. {Namely music promotion services}.

When shown the obvious paypal has given support to fraud for services very clearly not recieved.

A new credit card accepting service will be put in place soon.

This page updated August 2019

Feeling a bit guilty about all that free music on the internet?

Well you don't have to any longer!

 So its time to support musicians through donations! And the first thing the Bertelsmann company {then owner of BMG records} thought about donating to me after they invested 100 million into Napster {originally only about piracy} was a beautiful house sometimes referred to as the Schloss Neuschwanstein as can be seen in the video Mountains.

 The paperwork however is still not finished. It just seems like It's taking too long for them. I mean I can hardly wait!


 But this is a real Revolution and I'm sure they're going to come through. In the meantime could you please consider donating your house? Perhaps you have 2 houses and you could donate just one of those that would be nice.

 Best if its already been paid for in full otherwise I might not be able to keep up the payments. This is a serious request I might really need one of them {a house} also it would be great for the studio. Plus I would have more of a life if I had a house.

 Many people of course need donations more than musicians and it would be better if musicians were making millions on the Internet so they could consider donating. A donation to a musician does offer some return, they will be able to give something back, it is an investment in Art and in business. Also I would think you're 1 in about 20 million no doubt. I currently live in and love London and this would be ideal. Or somewhere in Europe is great or even America.

I of course realize you might be too busy for this so I've also made it possible to give a money donation.

New Idea for 2019!

I currently have my guitar on sale on ebay for one million english pounds. Click here for the link.

 I am currenly working on a video for this.

You might be wondering well how much should I donate?

If you're not a rich person, simply purchase the CD or the download the single from several Internet shops such as itunes. Hopefully by march 2013.

But if you are rich may I suggest two million English pounds perhaps? {About 3 million U.S. dollars}.

If that amount seems too small I'll certainly be glad to accept much more!

Thanks for understanding!

The C.D. "Fictitious Optimism" is currently being upgraded for 2020 the first track that has been upgraded is The Hidden Princess on itunes or cdbaby