June 4th 2016 Right now I am wanting still to do the short movie this requires some upgrading of equipment

The short would need to be aimed at cinema rather than TV or Internet

Currently the two most important female leads are open.

I ALWAYS LIST CASTINGS when I feel confident that I can pull off the project.

Currently there is not outside sponsorship for this so I also have to be very confident it's all going to work with the people selected. It's not like I just got to have someone in a cutome.

Talk vids to follow.


JUST RUN {Or maybe not} Alternative version.

This video has been finished and is now on youtube and some other channels.{click here} 

The version that is finished I am calling the alternative version. This is because JUST RUN was originally planned to be the second song in the short movie. The senario in the short movie is completely different. The bigger scence for the short movie are the first song {Currently the witch song} and The Hidden Princess {previously hidden answers still available from itunes}which is the third song. So you can still be in JUST RUN only 3 Songs instead of one.

Part of this video needs to be shot in the sunshine there for most of the year I cannot cast this role.

**The long music video/short movie.**

This video has had major changes and major delays from when I first started casting for it.


Man's best friend a dog.

See description further down page.

It is one of the LEAD roles that prevents this from being filmed "Kissing Princess" There has been a good amount of interest and then like the Beach body protein advert or the Sun newspaper's page 3 girl it gets shot down with a couple of complaints mostly from people who do not attend the casting. If they have time to complain they are not working, just like someone who would like the role.

The extra roles {4} I would prefer for them to play under 16 but they need to be over 16 as I don't want to deal with the licensing.

The other roles have been cast but I am expecting to have to recast a role or two. Yes I now have good back up choices except the one.

When I first began the video the camera was stolen stopping the production of Hidden Answers.

To prove I was serious about making a music video I had a consumer camera fixed, took some 14 hours of footage and started editing. Right before the final shots I got another pro or "semi pro" camera {Full Quality large format digital}

and shot the rest of Electric Wave which featured credited  and capable actress and even better yet STAR MODEL the beautiful Eleanor Chambers.

2013 video the B-side of the single Hidden Answers.

Click *Electric Wave* {YouTube}

 Electric Wave took hundreds of hours to edit.

The next long music video is in production and there is already over 30 hours of filming done. These hours will be edited down to seconds to make the video stronger. I have not yet begun filming with other cast members.

*This video would benefit from donations with a top priority being faster/better pay.*

People involved should see this as an artistic project and statement rather than a great paying job the pay is currently NMW for hours worked.

{No ageist discrimination for younger.}

Plus bonuses and copy of the dvd. All people are very likely to be seen, all lead roles currently include speaking and possibly demonstration of other skills.

I have a good camera, a tripod some good outfits a few props a few good people I've said yes to for the roles.

I don't have three lorys.

The payment as with the terms and conditions are in place for my protection. There is a written agreement for pay.

For "Electric Wave and "Just Run or Maybe Not"

Cash has been paid at the end of day or day{s} worked.

This may or may not be possible for the longer video.

I have been on  productions that have taken 6 months to pay.

This is a scripted video some would say short film.

 I would say long music video which now includes 3 songs.

I consider how I can make each video better.

People who are applying for these roles should consider the past CD and the past 2 videos to be good enough that they want to be part of the next even better video. Original art is most often a developing process. 

Applications can also be made by sending a CV and pictures and links to a webpage through the contact page on this site.


The Hidden Answers {Now Hidden Princess} Music Video was to be a romantic comedy,

not just comedy like some people may have thought.

I have now modernized it a bit with sci-fi horror fantasy beginning all in one.


Unlike what most people think the entertainment business is largely a private business

unless you join a talent show and then have the public voting on you.

I am also not the government which is something the public willing or more often unwillingly employ.

People often forget the rules of private business because they wish for everyone to conform to what they think is right and wrong.

You are also not paying for this video with your TV license.

Small projects are still hard work.


People will still need to attend a fitting and interview and some roles still require a casting.

The fittings/interview are likely to be done in a pub, restaurant or coffee shop.

New Casting Breakdown.

Itchy Bitch witch.

Scenario 2 featured role with speaking.

The evil witch is in league with the hypocritical Politician who has been dammed by god.

She is out to replace all men with the giant dildo she has built in the city of London.

If she has her way the only men left alive will be drama students, hypocritical politicians and robot officers.


{Casting required}.


3 conventional princesses/1800s ladies a couple lines/faces

These roles will probably be older than the kissing princess

and since the scenario has changed the look has greatly broadened.

The 3 conventional princess have to decide do they go with the evil witch and hypocritical politician?

Or do they journey back in time with Luke and the kissing princess.


Hypocritical Politician who has been dammed by god.

Dual role, personality.

Current jacket for 1800s part of role 42-44.

Male role probably 50-75 in age but will consider over 30s and over 75s.

In the future/present the hypocritical politician is in league with the itchy bitchy witch. The motto is now guilty until proven innocent thus taking the just out of justice and leaving just whatever who's next with ice.

but when they journey back in time the polictitian appears to be a nice guy offering his daughter to Luke

for the most passionate kissing scene EVER right before Luke is turned into a frog.

I would greatly prefer that people applying for this role have a demonstration of their talking voice as if speaking to a crowd.


Kissing Princess HERO ROLE! {Kiss Luke and hold frog} This is the most important part {besides me} in this video.

I don't play the game of what directory you are in, what agent, what union, what school, what photographer or any of it. There is an artistic vision, music, a look a vibe a feel. All experiences levels considered for this role.

This is the problem role but not my fault, rather drama schools teaching a fake kiss or not teaching how to pull off a part convincingly. 

And not teaching the most basic thing. This is going to require multiple takes.

This kiss is around two minutes and I say will require at least ten takes.

There is not a huge crew deciding if this each take is good enough

instead there are simply enough takes planned that there one that is good enough.

Also I need to know the actress is willing to get comfortable with the shot so that

I have some assurance she won't change her mind and walk off when other cast are there.

Therefor the casting is not rushed.

I really don't think I've been asking for too much.

There is a massive amount of time going into what I have to do with this.

This can be slightly expanded or altered depending on the person but this has been the basic idea since the beginning and for several months. If you have someone around you who is going to object to you taking the role you might wish to ask before applying. The role can be turned down after the interview or after the casting but I hope things will work if a person gets as far as the casting.

Electric Wave used twenty four hours of film for ten minutes. 14 consumer 10 hours pro camera 4 with STAR model.

The most passionate kissing scene EVER as the kissing princess comes to save the day!

Right before Luke is turned into a frog.

Movie reference Abduction kissing scene click here but ever means better so please also see YouTube for other

"over the top as possible kissing scenes"

to quote myself from a previous casting.

If you are offered a casting for this role it is because I would like you to succeed in getting the role not everyone is offered the role.

If you are offered a casting for this role, you are also offered all the time you need to feel comfortable about the part and to get into character.

This is the most important role.

You can decide at the casting if you really want to kiss Luke and be left devastated holding a frog.

Meet in a public coffee house for a chat and a possible casting and fitting.

I would greatly prefer this person to be in character as much as possible that is very happy to kiss Luke very sad to be left with a frog.

This role now requires a non disclosure agreement {legally binding for both people confidentiality agreement}

and a consent form agreeing to kissing and sexual touching. As if…

The role now requires a reading of the agreement to camera the rehearsal and casting part of the kissing will be protected by a non disclosure agreement.

{Instead of by privacy. Everything will be filmed}

The casting for this role is still not rushed however.


The non-kissing princess.

This is an idea I had but I'm now going to drop it.

The non-kissing princess would have been the last princess left in the world who would have kissed Luke

if only the Itchy bitchy witch would have not got there first.

The problem here is that it cuts the video short.


Naked Princess {Another wonderful idea but not required}

The idea here is to replace the kissing princess with a naked princess.

Rather than the passionate kissing scene contact can be minimal such as kiss on a hand or a peck on a cheek.

You can even bring your boyfriend to this casting {probably not a good idea for the kissing princess}

Nudity is not required at the casting if you have recent pictures.

There would be a full nude version and a very close to full nude version.


The Model Princess. {Revised}

If it was not for complaints in a society that has become filled with sexual fascism

The Kissing Princess role would have long ago been filled instead I am forced to come up with alternative ideas.

The model princess is another idea here, the model princess can just dance around a little

{does not need to be trained/pro and look pretty and get paid for doing it.

Perhaps this is just what everyone wants yes?

I might just go ahead and offer the kind of role most people are likely to get from an agent this role can be a two second peck on the cheek and perhaps I'll just cut the part to about  nothing.

The Invisible Princess.

I might go ahead and announce the bitch fest and over protection team has won and drop the role. The opposite of the witch is not just passion but also happiness in this case the extras would be the main feature in that part of the video.



Senario 3 idea. Man's best friend! Do you happen to have a medium sized dog that loves everyone instantly? The dog should probably be 1-2 years old. The dog should not be one of the breeds that might often be a mean dog like german shepard, doberman pincher, rotweiler, bull dog. But perhaps an afgan hound, komondor, saint bernard, great dane, irish wolfhound or... In this senario instead of Luke getting turned into a frog after giving the kissing princess "the most passionate kiss ever" The potential kissing princess is turned into a dog by the witch thus creating "Man's best friend."


Great facial expressions as Ralph's willy is removed by the modern day mindless robot officer. If there is a monetary donation I will include many ralphs as many can identify with this role or when the witch comes there way they will be able to so.


Other medieval male or female.

Only one person who applied really got the idea behind this role which was

YOU bring an outfit and skill I must have for the video.

The person who got it was a stilt walking grim reaper.


Ballet dancing {probably} Extras.

Probably ages 16-20 but will consider older if you can play down. 2-3 very beautiful young girls

who are standing around watching Luke and the kissing princess kiss and thinking and smiling that this is the greatest thing in the whole world ever.

If possible this role will be girls who can ballet dance.

Licensing seems like it will be too difficult as I cannot give exact dates for the shoot and

his will be outside and working around schedules..


Robot officer/ hangman. Dual male role. {Gay looking {like rocky horror} OK for this role}

Probably 30-60 but will consider other ages.

In the present/future the mindless robot officer tries to cut off every straight man's penis and eat it raw and bleeding

as they have been trained this is what they are supposed to do.

When they journey to the past the robot officer man is a hangman that comes running after Luke with the witch

when he has noticed that Luke has found a princess to kiss him,

but the witch beats him to his little joy in life as Luke is turned into a frog before he can get there.

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A big part of me is doing this video because I feel like I have to.

The video of course has to be fairly good now. {=Thosands of Hours}

Oh and it will certainly be better than any show reel I've seen.