Just Run! Or maybe not.

This is the "Alternative version" of "Just Run or maybe not"

That is to say this song was originally intended and might still be the second song in the short movie. This song was to be a prelude to the Hidden Princess and the scenario in the short {what should be full length movie} completely different. The song started as just a 30 second keyboard intro for the Hidden Princess and evolved into a 3 minute song. This video was made to prove again that I was serious about making a music video. I thought an additional video was a good idea as Electric Wave had relied so much on effects and Mountains was done entirely on a consumer camera. I came up with the idea and wanted to do a one day shoot on a sunny day and rely mostly on the people and places for the video. But because only a couple of directories would run the advert largely due to complaints over me wanting to kiss a princess for the previous video the original planned shoot date  mid July 2015 was postponed to the end of Summer as I searched for two potential STARS for the next video. I did get two what I consider excellent choices for the video: Amy and Natasha. But by this time the scenes and sunlight availability had changed. So Just Run became a much larger work than originally planned. The music will change for future videos and small upgrades can be made but people applying for my videos should think that "Just Run" is fairly good and although all the songs from "Fictitious Optimism" will be reworked and upgraded I did think this was a fairly good demonstration of work. Even if it would have been better with a larger budget. I have allot of experience on larger productions even if most of the roles are minor and to a good degree know what is involved in getting more pro results so please do contact me if you would like to invest in the movie. There are currently two versions of Just Run the Long Version is five minutes and forty four seconds while perhaps some alternative music television station may prefer the three minute and forty three second version. The music single is three minutes and thirteen seconds and is available on itunes and other music distribution channels. If you find something you like you got to support it.


Link to short version Just Run.

Link to long version Just Run.

Luke Fictitious video Electric Wave from 2013.

Link to Electric Wave.

I had not originally intended to do a video for Electric Wave

Electric wave was done to prove that I was serious about making a music video

There of course was more filming done after Mountains in 2005

Electric Wave features star model Eleanor Chambers.

These videos would benefit from outside financial support.

There is also almost another CD worth of work which features the lower end of my voice.

Link to Mountains from 2005


This version appears on the CD from 2005 Fictitious Optimism the original CD audio quality is better than the video {always}

In this case I like the audio more than the video.

All the songs from the CD will be reworked.

This will prove more successful than some would think as the acoustic guitar

follows a beat and tempo track very precisely and laboriously worked out

unlike what some people thought.

Link to guitar lead from song cold desert.

I was planning on doing many more videos of performing bits and pieces of the songs

and planning on doing many talk videos as well but the studio is very small

and this is a bit discouraging still there must now be some talk videos done.

This is also something I worked for a good deal of time at but

I found it boring unless I was acting which goes directly against

what some schools of acting are asking for.

That is some schools of thought on acting wish for the person to completely be themselves

So they would rather employ a real doctor to play a doctors part than an actor

I tend to believe this is an anti-acting philosophy used so the producers

don't have to look for talent outside of friends, agents or schools.

But can keep their favorites for the featured roles and the wanna bees out of advancing.

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