Acting and Supporting Artiste work.

This is a small fraction of the work I've done and does not accurately represent the music side.

Some work and credits.

Alot of this is supporting artiste work however there has also been featured work some of which has been credited some has not been credited.

Currently an Equity member U.K. acting union.

Currently on IMDB PRO and Spotlight for actors


Hippie Hippie shake Background hippie oz films
London Dreams {bollywood} Hand holding mental patient {background} Head start films
London Boulevard Pub Rock musician {invisable} GK Films Henceworth
The special relationship Well wisher for tony {invisable} Trilogy films
Reuniting the reubens Moving man RTR LTD
Sex drugs and rock and roll horrible bar crowd DJ Films/ lip sync productions
Street Dance Hand holding boyfriend Vertigo films
unspecified InternationalTrailer Talent contest victim {speaking part} Scott free productions
Sleepyhead Rough sleeper {sleeping} The Sleepyhead film Ltd
MTV Camden Crawl Super looker Baroom jumper unreconizable MTV
Heinekin The date Commercial Ecentric 60s Guy Heinekin
This is Jinsy series one Islander {background} Sky Atlantic
360 Background walking bussiness man 360
Tezz {bollywood} escalator rider/ Bomb ducker Nalia Mughal
Cocktail {bollywood] Skank {credited} small featured role drug dealer driver} Illuminati Films
Jack the Giant slayer Peasant {Supporting Artiste} Bryan Singer
Closed Moblie phone handler {Background} Belmont Productions
Once upon a time in Essex Football thug/nightclub patron {background} chata pictures
Caught in Flight Jazz Nightclub audience Caught in flight productions
gunman bridgewalker prone gunman ltd
Amstardam coffee shop patron Lee, Wayne Lenox
Paddington Bear Cardigan man paul king
24 TV drama series proteser of police drone war 20th century fox television
London Road Potential cafe killer Rufus Norris
Shamitabh {bollywood} Camera person R Balkis
Now you see me 2 No Intention of getting you wet crowd {big scene} Jon M Chu
Look of Love 70s music producer type film4 and Revolution Films and STUDIOCANAL.
AZHAR Cable consealer Indian Films LTD
Life on the Road {David Brent} Punter Ricky Gervais
Beauty and the Beast Singing Villager Disney/Bill Condon
Bourne 5 Jason Bourne Rough sleeper Paul Greengrass
The justice league complainer {too many bats} Dena Films
Creation stories record buyer {1st reason oasis manager did not discover Luke Fictitious} Nick moran


He kills coppers Background {painter}
Syntax ERA Computer buyer {looking} Darlow Smithson productions ltd
Peep show Baroom geezer girl spotter Objective productions
Lead Balloons Prisoner {background} open mike
Todd Margret cafe crowd RDF
Little Crackers "The First Time" Dancing Hippie {background} Blurred Vision
Gittens Unattractive man {probably too ugly to be seen} Derek Productions
This is Jinsy series 2 Islander Sky Atlantic
cardinal burns season two party guest left bank
Yonderland Town drunk Steve Connelly
Tripped Episode 4 Angry Crowd/Pan Wielder Mamouth Screen/Jamie Stone
A Brian Pern show Progresive Camper {walk-on} BBC
The Royals season 2 Football fan of color red. Privileged Productions Ltd
Spotless Ep1&2 Janitor with speaking Pascal Chaumeil
Stuart Lee Comedy Vehicle season 4 Band member Napalm Death/Shane BBC 2/Tim kirkby
Todd Margret season 3 ep 5 + 6 Goddyite Martin Merman/ John Hardwick
Drunk History {uk} series 2 Taillefer or Taillefour and dying king edward the 4th Comedy Central
WILL {the film} Middle class modern shakesperian Ninth floor productions
Gone Rodie Gone Productions LTD
Rellik Vagrant RLK productions
Celebrity Ability The people who still have it list. ITV
Fleabag seaon 2 episode 6  Wedding guest out of reiretment . BBC 3


02 priority {follow me} Bass player {walk on} the o2 priority
WRITE THE FUTURE Brick thrower {unseen background} Nike
Mcdonalds U.K.meets U.S. BOWLING Green bowling guy {back only background } Mcdonalds
Cadbury spots vs Stripes {featured role} Conga Player Cadbury
The respect network unreconizable behind one of many masks Denis Parchow
02 Priorty Rugby FAN background 02
Head and shoulders No no no {background chanter} Head and shoulders
Anna accountanct app   Owner of boder felion personality diva talent contest cat    Online 


A Luke Fictitious Theatrical Concert the Musical Lead Beleive in your Premonitions Productions


Fictitious Optimism Music CD All Luke Fictitious
Artworks from the Masterpiece Theater 1994-1998 music compilation CD Main Musician Luke Fictitious
Canyon of Time Main Musician Luke Fictitious Management
Perfect Radio Playlist Lyric writter guitar and vocals Luke Fictitious Management
The Second coming of Fictitious Optimisn single All Evolution 4005 Records
Single Just Run! and video
All Evolution 4005 Records
The Hidden Princess All Evolution 4005 Records
Electric Wave single and video All Evolution 4005 Records

Voice Over

plastic film voice over for feature film julian gibley


nokia photo shoot Sign holder {back of head only background} nokia

Video Games

xbox background only crowd xbox


Fictitious Optimism Video All Luke Fictitious
Mountains Video All Luke Fictitious
The Extras featuring Emerald Song All except Extras Luke Fictitious
The Foals Blue blood music video Bored sitter Blink productions
Dizzy Rascal/Bassline Junkie Music Video Preachers asssistant Universal Records
Electric Wave {luke fictitious} original music video Lead Actor and musician L.F.M./
moonwalk test film 60s guy test for moonwalk
Just-Run!~Or maybe not Lead actor,custome, casting director, more Believe in your premonitions productions
"The Fifth" promotional short for future west end hit theater show Conpirator Eleanna Santorinaiou

Performer Skills


Employment Details


Lots of experience preforming live as a musician {not recently however}.



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