*Musician wanted advert.*


Hopefully science will find a real and permanent end to the covid 19 destruction.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I have been a bit more secluded than normal.

My thoughts are that have I no problem with respecting others wishes

for face masks and social distancing.

And I think that not getting vaccinated is just perhaps a bit suicidal.

So yea interested musicians should be vaccinated. {and boosted}

I'll have to admit that I have found it odd that you can pay someone for a service

and then find they don't have this very basic amount of respect. 

{Like delivery drivers}

As for the tens of thousands unnecessarily dead in the USA and UK in the beginning of the pandemic

 I put this down to the average level of current government incompetence.

But at least it was not the straight up malicious and falseness and sadistic airing

and pathological lying which in the last few years has become a lot more

interwoven into the right wing of society.

The doors used to be as open as a 50s movie in the country.

I have recently discovered the guitar synth {Better late than never}

This indeed has changed my perspective on things in a big way.

Because what it means is that I could get out and gig with almost any line up

of musicians or even just solo and have a full enough sounding show.


Hopefully even with all of life's apparently never ending major obstacles

I will be ready to get out and do some live shows by summer of 2023.

Actually the idea was to take a couple of months to put together a music video

{Hidden Answers} in 2013 then play live.

Before that there was the release of Fictitious Optimism and then before that...


I estimate that I have played live between 600 and 1000 times

This included open mic nights on acoustic guitar and busking.

All the open mics and gigs were done with vocals and originals

Where as a lot of the busking was just guitar

One of thoese big hit acoustic songs I'm planning on re-learning and releasing for June 2023.

Then there was the electric guitar these original jams turned into a couple of songs.

This had to do with the voice only lasting 1-2 hours but even more with

lack of batterry power, amps have improved but not nearly not fast enough.

 I should make it clear that I never considered busking to be begging

even if I really needed the money.

I have only begged for money one time in my life

and that was when I found myself without the bus ride I had paid for.

The times that performing live was rewarding for me was when everything came together

That is a full set with good sound quality and a listening audience{inside}.

These times were rare compared to the amount of live playing.

When I hear things like being live on stage is the greatest thing in the world

 and that you should do for free because it's good for exposure

I have to wonder if this is some music industry type looking for cheap exploitation

 or has someone been stealing the morphine.

That being said I am looking forward to going live with a stronger set up.

If a band would have materialized and making cash

I'm sure I would have been playing at live every day for years.


I do of course realize some venues simply don't have a lot of cash.


There was a time when people would only believe in a musician if they were signed to a big label

but fans of music have got to realize these times are over and that it is up to them and not the label.


The bigger dream of course is not to continue playing with myself on acoustic guitar

but rather a full band with me playing electric guitar

This was even expressed in the very commercial song "Down Into" available on the

"Fictitious Optimism" CD release.

As usual this situation could benefit hugely from some proper financial support.

Please see support page.

But fans should know just buying a CD is good,  proper and

demonstrates you are an outstanding and respectable citizen.

* Percussionist*

Well if I'm doing the guitar synth thing even a percussionist with a hand drum,

maybe a set of congas, and maybe a couple of toys would help fill out the sound.

I've not yet warmed up to the idea of triggering drum sounds with a guitar syntth

and absolutely have not warmed up to playing to backing tracks, maybe this is to old fashioned.

I remember first seeing a guy playing to backing tracks this must have been 10-15 years ago

and I thought can you even do that? Really?



 It would be wonderful to have a great drummer,

WWith the release of Illusions {End of 2022} a Very Good drummer would be required

to replicate the studio recording.

I am currently working with celebrity drum performance samples.

The first song to feature these was the reworking of Mountains

which featured Sina {Sina-drums} and Nick Mason {Pink Floyd}

Early Bird features the drums of Mick Fleetwood {Fleetwood Mac}

This new commercial song was composed around the drum samples

and the performance was at the same tempo as the original drum performances.

A drummer does not have to replicate the performances exactly

 but rather be good enough that they sound good with the tunes.


The songs on "Fictitious Optimism CD" used the acoustic guitar for the backbone

which is sometimes in 5/4.

People who barely listen to the recording the first time might be confused about the beat.

However it is there, a laboriously worked out tempo track that changes

 time signatures and tempo in order for a better vocal delivery

and in order to play acoustic guitar and sing at the same time.

I really don't want to attempt the drums with the synth

All of the cymbals and most of the percussion on the Fictitious Optimism CD

are real {not samples or synth percussion}.

Please hear the material and make sure you like it,

as of this writing some of the CDs can still be picked up on the cheap

from ebay and maybe amazon or right on this site.


With the use of the midi to guitar synth the project will have a full enough sound

to get out the door and sound good without additional musicians

 but a drummer or percussionist is highly desired.


Bass player or double Bass player wanted.

It would be much better to have a real bass player or even a double bass player.

If you are a double bass player, I would certainly wish for you to prefer the use of a bow.

The bass parts are currently somewhat simple and it is the way it complements the music that makes the Bass parts as beautiful they are.

{Not to mention the best strings money can buy and a five string Bass {Low B}.

However Illusions features busier bass lines.

"Fictitious Optimism" featured simpler bass parts, this is largely due to the tracks

being filled with both acoustic guitar, then electric guitar, then keys, then percussion.

So as to not run over, muddy and destroy the music,

 the parts were often made more simple then what they started out being.

However since I would only play one guitar live, room will open up.

This could include picking up the acoustic guitar parts and playing them on a bass.

Just a thought..err maybe.


Keyboard player.

Despite looking forward to working with a guitar synth

I would still welcome a dedicated keyboard player.

Maybe I could even do what I'm suppose to do just sing and play electric guitar.

A keyboardist could consider picking up what is missing from whatever line up

like some bass or acoustic guitar parts played on keys.

{different sounds than acoustic guitar probably}

I hate {of course} hearing a keyboard player play electric guitar parts on keys.

It's like really all those wonderful sounds and you have to play guitar on it?

The keyboards on Fictitious Optimism are mostly just lush backing pads.

This is a wonderful thing for a keyboardist to do.


"Besides the Optimism" was to feature more in the lower part of my voice.

But that ended up now being done with parts of "Early Bird" and "Mountains".

These songs will feature on the "The Second Coming of Fictitious Optimism"

The lower part of my voice is the technically better and some people would ask why then have you then sang so much in the tenor and falsetto areas?

Well if you're a keyboard player, would you want to chop your piano in half and just use the low notes?

And if you're a guitar player would you want to cut off the 3 highest strings?

So of course there are lyrics and artistic expressions that cannot easily be transposed into the lower range of my voice.

I have always used a good part of my voice. I don't really want to come down to earth.

 I still consider the high end the more unique part of my voice.

But I am actually a baritone and can also sing bass.

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