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  The big demo the "Fictitious Optimism" CD from 2005 was a great big improvement from what was previously just one person on an acoustic guitar.It was not however what a big budget would have done which would have resulted in better drums and better keyboard sounds {and someone else playing these instruments}. And so with the ability to add drums to the already laboriously worked out tempo tracks all of these songs and more are in for an upgrade.

 The first song to feature these new drums is the 2018 version of "The Hidden Princess." This is twice the song that "Shoes" was and also a big step up from the first reworking of shoes "Hidden Answers."

 When I started with "Fictitious Optimism" the title track. I thought this was going to be a very commercial song. But it ended up being over 10 minutes long. I am still hoping the song might be used in some big movie, like at the end of the credits or maybe on one of those pre-movie animation things. err update I guess I would have to make the movie huh?

 The other CD to be titled "Besides the Optimism" will feature much more of the low-end vocals and while some people might prefer this, I thought "Fictitious Optimism" might be the more important recording for keeping the art alive, rather than having it buried by a low-end moody or bluesy sorts of pieces.

 I currently plan on adding at least 2 songs to the first release of "Fictitious Optimism" An older one and a newer one. Both of these songs will add time and strength to the recording and be in a way commercial. Finally one song is being written as I would have it written as a lead vocalist. Voice and drums first. 

   Even this late in the recording additional equipment for the surround sound mix and videos and possible movie{s} and playing live is still required.

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