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Now with over 4900 copies of Fictitious Optimism and thousands of people hearing the music. Some people would ask "what has the feedback been". Most of the people who have the CD I don't have contact with. It would not be possible anyway as there is always more work for me to do than I can get done. But of course most people have thought it creative and unique and some people have even thought it talented and good. For me there has been far too much time put into the 48-100 track per-song recording to consider it talented. I would just consider it time consuming work and I can only hope there will be some people who will find a song or two they can cherish forever. And this is the creative process, sometimes you start off with a song and it turns out slightly different than expected. When I started with "Fictitious Optimism" I thought this was going to be a very commercial song. But it ended up being over 10 minutes long. I am still hoping the song might be used in some big movie, like at the end of the credits or maybe on one of those pre-movie animation things.

The other CD of work will feature much more of the low-end vocals and while some people might prefer this, I thought "Fictitious Optimism" might be the more important recording for keeping the art alive, rather than having it buried by a low-end moody or bluesy sorts of pieces. Especially if one of those pieces were to become a hit.

I currently plan on adding at least 2 songs to the first release of "Fictitious Optimism" An older one and a newer one. Both of these songs will add time and strength to the recording and hopefully one of them will be commercial. Finally one song is being written as I would have it written as a lead vocalist. Voice and drums first. All of the other songs will be reworked to various degrees. Hidden Answers is a massive reworking from the song shoes.

There has been a conscious effort here to have these songs be commercial recordings.

The 2005 version of "Fictitious Optimism" contained over a 36 minutes of music, 5 songs. This C.D. contains some of the brighter songs. I think they have some commercial potential. I have found that all the songs I have so far posted on the web have gone through at least some improvements. The current project is the best ever. And as people get the chance to listen to it there becomes an ever growing audience for it. People are well accustomed to hearing well developed music, even if the music is simple. This project has been developing {forever now} of course it could have been done faster {with a budget}but the end result is a quality recording anyway. Even this late in the recording additional equipment for the surround sound mix and videos and possible movie{s} and more is still required. Subliminal advertising. Make a donation. The quality of the project does not suffer much from being done in a small studio this is because I am using as many "studio standards" as possible. That is to say, there are pieces of equipment that are used in thousands of studios. If I try to compromise what happens instead is a few months {or years} later I end up buying a new piece and re-recording or re-mixng the song{s}. The studio uses both analog and digital technology. The music is formed around the acoustic guitar there is allot of time spent working out a tempo track which is a big step up from just using a metronome. This differs from most rock music where the drums will come first, here the backbone of the music is the acoustic guitar. If the support needed is not there it does not mean I stop. It just means a set back in the way of time for example turning 2-3 year project into an over ten year project. Please see support page.

In addition to "The Second Coming of Fictitious Optimism"

There will also be "Besides the Optimism"

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